The Institute of Australia Middle East Business & Education strongly believes in the power of education as the connector of peoples around the world.
Through education comes understanding, expression, increased opportunity and importantly, appreciation for global similarities and diversities.
Hence, IAMBE has cooperated closely with one the new global leaders in online education for language and professional development: Niuversity®
With Niuversity®, IAMBE seeks to connect ambitious students with a variety of courses, ranging from English language to computer programming and  entrepreneurial studies.
It is our vision that IAMBE can foster a community of learning and connect our clients with international opportunity, employment and personal development.
Niuversity® is partnered with CISCO Networking Academy for professional courses and with Pearson International for English Language education. Together, these strong institutions seek to provide a wide range of programs for your professional advancement and personal success.
As the global labour market continues to covet skills in Information Technology and English grows as a global language, there is no better time to develop and refine your language and professional skills through systematic, personally-tailored courses that will meet your goals and expectations, as well as those of prospective employers.
Our aim is to connect you with international education providers and offer you the best program that reflects your goals and interests.