1. Upon enrolling in a course, you ("the student") are entering a legal agreement under common law, in which you agree to abide by the conditions of enrolment (including payment and appropriate conduct), in exchange for the service offered by IAMBE or its partners provided for the duration of course enrolment. 
2. These Terms and Conditions form the agreement between IAMBE and the student.  It is the Student’s responsibility to fully read, understand and agree to all enrolment Terms & Conditions, Privacy policy and Fees & Charges prior to enrolment.
3. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy policy on the enrolment form, the Student confirms they possess a full understanding of all Terms & Conditions, and willingly accepts all such terms.
4. Those who agree to the Terms and Condition are wholly responsible for bringing these terms to the attention of anyone who may access material on this site as a result of your access to it.
5. IAMBE reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change, add or delete portions of the Terms and Conditions at any time. In this event, we will post any revised terms on this webpage and the date at the top of this page will indicate the last date of revision. We will also notify, the registered student through the email provided that the terms and conditions have been updated.
6. Your continued use of this site following a revision of the Terms and Conditions, regardless of receiving email notification, will signify your acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to abide by these or any future Terms and Conditions, please do not use or access (or continue to use or access) this website.
7. IAMBE reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to make any changes to this website and services offered and to terminate access at any time.
8. You must not use data mining, robots, scraping or similar data gathering or extraction methods on any part of our website without our express prior written consent.
9. IAMBE is not liable for any of Terms and Conditions of usage, purchase or privacy policies of our third party providers. All usage and purchase of, or within third party products are subject to separate agreements which do not involve IAMBE. By purchasing a course from this site provided by a third party, your usage and activity in that course will be subject to the Terms and Conditions specified by the Provider.
10. Once you have purchased a course from this site and you have been able to successfully enrol and access the product, the agreement between the student and IAMBE is complete.
1. Once a course has been purchased from this site, no refund is offered, unless:
a. The course is cancelled by the provider of the service
b. The course fails to perform its functions due to issues that are the fault of IAMBE or its providers.
IAMBE is committed to protecting your privacy. Any information collected about you is used to maximise the efficacy of our services provided to you.
Before retaining any of your personal information, we will seek your permission and we will treat this information with the upmost confidentiality.
IAMBE complies with all relevant data protection laws. 
This means that:
We take full responsibility for the information we hold about you
We will take all reasonable measures to protect your privacy at all times
We will never sell your personal information
We will never use any of the personal details provided by you without lawful reason to do so. Rather, they will be used for the purposes for which they were initially requested i.e. communication, registration, payment.
PLEASE NOTE: In the case where the course in which you are enrolled is purchased for you by a third-party (such as an educational institution, government agency or registered non-governmental organisation), IAMBE may share your information with the purchasing party subject to the agreement between the student and the purchasing third-party. You will be notified of what information will be shared to third-parties prior to sharing. If you do not wish your information to be shared, you must send us an express written notification stating such.
IAMBE newsletters are used to communicate all important developments, updates and revisions to students. It is highly recommended that students subscribed to the student newsletter and refer to it regularly. 
This Privacy Notice applies to all pages of this site and any features of ecommerce, purchasing or other areas which require registration. However, this policy does not apply to any third-party providers or sites which are linked on this site. Before engaging in any agreements or purchases with third-parties, we recommend that their read the relevant Terms and Conditions pertaining to them as IAMBE will not be liable for any such Terms and Conditions.