Niuversity is an innovative educational institution that is braving the challenges of the digital revolution in learning. It delivers personalized learning of professional skills and languages in an online, live, and interactive environment via our own innovative methods.
Our Mission:
Niuversity is the new way of learning! We at the educational institution of Niuversity think that learning is not only a necessary task, but a pathway to a better life and passion. Learning with Niuversity, is the Passion of Learning. Niuversity aims to cultivate learning through online, interactive, individual, flexible courses that enrich and improve the methods of traditional and online education. Niuversity seeks to promote intuitive education with that is achieved through passion.
Our Courses:
We deliver online, live classes that allow you to interact with your teachers and peers in real time, just like in a classroom, but from the comfort and convenience of your home, using state-of-the-art communication tools. With Niuversity you can learn from anywhere in the world with the click of a button. Throughout your course you will be administered course materials, assignments and will receive professional feedback to assess and discuss your progress.
Niuversity teaches professional skills that are coveted in today’s global labour market. Many of these courses do not require prerequisite knowledge or an academic background, only a passion for learning and improvement. In just a matters of weeks, our courses can equip you with employment skills sought by companies around the globe. What’s more, each of our courses has an entrepreneurial component that will guide those seeking to establish their own businesses with information and advice.
Nuiversity courses are typically offered in English and Arabic language as the medium of instruction. This is especially useful to Arabic speakers who are often stunted by the language barriers of other course providers.
To expand its offerings, Niuversity has partnered with CISCO Networking Academy for professional courses and with Pearson International for English Language.
learning. Together, our strong institutions seek to provide a wide range of courses for your professional advancement and personal success.
Our approach:
Niuversity is the first European educational institution that offers Arabic as a medium of communication. We adopt an innovative way to deliver our courses through live and interactive classes in which students and their teachers are concurrently online, to enhance student learning and experience. As a Niuversity student, you can communicate directly with your class, ask questions, receive answers and actively participate in the learning process. However, even when you’re unavailable for a live class, your account will always give you direct access to all content. You will have access to online quizzes, offline assignments and receive professional feedback on your progress.
With Niuversity you will belong to professional learning groups facilitated by our team, that will support you throughout your learning journey. These learning groups will persist following the completion of your course to keep you in touch with your class, the materials and resources covered and to keep you updated when new offerings or updates to your course are released.
Upon completion of a course you will be granted a certificate of completion issued from our Headquarters in Berlin, Germany.
Your journey with Niuveristy doesn’t have to end after your course… Niuversity associates with a large network of employers around the globe. Our aim is to connect our students with employment opportunities in the international labour market to begin their new journey of applying their new education.