The IAMBE provides wonderful Arabic language courses and tutoring for people of all levels, beginners to advanced. Many individuals who seek employment in the Middle East, or who plan to holiday there thrive from our courses and tutorials. Lessons are tailored to learner’s needs whether academic, business, diplomatic or daily life. We deliver classes to many public and private establishments
Our Arabic immersion courses run for two full days, and immerse learners in Middle Eastern culture, news, comedy and cuisine. For two days, learners can practice Arabic conversation, listen to Arabic music, watch Arabic documentaries, read Arabic news, watch Arabic colloquial comedy, speak with native Arabic speakers, and have the opportunity to listen to distinguished experts speak about hot topics in the Middle East. Middle Eastern lunch and dinners are provided

In 2016 we had Australian participants who work in the Middle East enrolled in our courses because they “couldn’t get such an Arabic immersion opportunity” during their work in an Arab country
?Why learn Arabic
There are many educational opportunities in the Middle East for students. Dubai and Doha have some of the best universities in the world which offer scholarships to Australian students seeking to study in the Middle East
The Middle East holds many business opportunities- many Arab countries are tax-free business destinations that attract Australian workers, especially in the fields of engineering and management
The Middle East has many trade and investment opportunities- Australia is currently negotiating a Free Trade Agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a region with a GDP of US$1.642 trillion in 2013
Australia is politically and militarily involved in major conflicts in the Middle East, and participates in the International Syria Support Group meetings and is in the Coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria 
Australia is involved in the humanitarian response to the refugee crisis from Syria and Iraq, and has pledged to take in 12, 000 Syrian refugees who will need assistance being settled into their communities
As well as being the main language spoken in the Middle East, Arabic is the language of the Koran; the Islamic sacred text book, so the study of Arabic can assist anyone wishing to learn more about Islam and Muslim culture. Some of Australia’s biggest trade partners have large Muslim populations, such as Indonesia
:What you will get from our Arabic classes
Beginners will gain the ability to communicate in Arabic on a basic level in reading, writing and conversation, while students already familiar in Arabic will be able to improve significantly in all these aspects
You will learn about culture in the Middle East along with Arabic language, using one of the best Arabic language curriculum books and audio tracks which you keep and can refer to in the future
?Do you come from a Middle Eastern background, and are seeking to improve in English
We can deliver English tutors to your home. Our lessons are tailored to learner’s needs whether academic, business, diplomatic or daily life. We also assist international students to understand how the academic system in Australia works as well as tutoring